Training & Development

Training & development is a core strategic tool available to the CEO to achieve his business objectives. Our understanding of the private banking business and our experience in having managed more than 100 development programs allows us to help ensure the most efficient use of this tool.

Advisor Standards

The current discussion on advisor certification makes it clear that internal standards are a necessity. Due to our experience we are able to accelerate the associated implementation process.

Team Leader Standards

Team leaders play a crucial transmission role both in implementing strategy and in educating advisors. We are experts in developing team leaders to become entrepreneurs.

Development Programs

For all members of the organization to reach their set standards, flexible pathways and the use of different educational means are crucial. Based on our extensive insights we can implement optimally efficient solutions.

In-house Programs

We design and deliver demanding in-house programs requiring different external lecturers, where we can bring in our extensive network of proven top quality lecturers.