We have taught more than 2500 managers and senior professionals from more than 100 institutions from over 50 countries on private banking. We have taught in academic, public and in in-house programs around the world. The following are some of the subjects we address:

Emerging Trends in Private Banking

Here we discuss the most current emerging trends in private banking, based on industry research and extensive discussions with CEOs and Managing Directors. (From a 1 hour overview to a 1 day seminar).

Market Strategy and Business Models

We discuss some of the different market strategies used by different institutions across the globe, and discuss a number of the business models chosen to implement these strategies. (From a 1 hour overview to a 1 day seminar).

Managing Sales and Advice

This is a seminar for team leaders on how to manage their business and their staff as entrepreneurs in the specific situation of private banking. (Typically a 3 day course). 

Applying Behavioral Finance in Client Advice

Here we teach how to apply the modern insights from behavioral finance to provide superior investment advice (Typically a 1 day training) 

Sales Training

A sales training adapted specifically to the needs of experienced private banking advisors. (Typically a 1 to 3 day seminar).