Based on our work with over 400 CEOs and MDs from over 100 private banking institutions worldwide we have deep real world insights into the different approaches available. Combining this with academic and industry research we develop well founded practical solutions for the different challenges in private banking:

Business Strategy

This is about seeking new opportunities for differentiation and ensuring that internal resources are aligned to the value proposition.

Process Improvement

Sales management by team leaders, the advisory process, new product development/selection, or the linkage between front and back office are some of the processes where we have found major improvements to be possible.

Sales Effectiveness

Providing advisors the right KPI, helping them to prioritize properly, providing support through proper sales management and coaching are some of the measures with greatest impact.

Project Management

We have managed business projects in front, staff and logistic areas on four continents for almost 30 years. This has given us a particular expertise in managing projects bridging different cultures.